Sunday, September 18, 2005

not what chest breathing is about. . .

for some reason this week, the ny times is all over yoga. today we see a hilarious article. . .um, when we focus on the chest in our various poses, this isn't what we're after!

today i'm making a pizza dough with high-gluten flour (because that's what i had in the house this morning!) and folding it 3 times. we'll see how that comes out.

in general, the weather is exactly what we should have had in oh, june. but for the last 2 years the seasons have been all messed up here in new york, bizarrely unlike themselves, and wildly erratic.

so in short it's a beautiful day, which i am enjoying with a just a couple fine americanos, thanks to jessica's batdorf dancing goat. on the chocolate front, a colleague returned from switzerland last week with mini-bars of the usual frey, which she handed out by the boatload to all.

alas, my share appeared to be mostly milk. . . .

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