Wednesday, September 07, 2005

notable tosh

"the author also says intense involvement with eastern spiritual practices is known to cause psychological and emotional problems in some people. and since yoga has religious roots, he adds, one could argue that promoting it in schools violates the establishment clause of the u.s. constitution, or the so-called separation of church and state."

oh these people are amazing, aren't they? i nearly fell outta my chair laughing uproariously.

teaching yoga in school as a form of exercise and stress reduction to the nation's obese and near-diabetic children is hardly "intense involvement with eastern spiritual practices"!

and that doing a sun salutation or two might violate the establishment clause is pretty funny from a group associated with the general belief that (born-again christian) prayer in schools and the 10 commandments oughta be de rigeur. guys, if wanna have prayer in schools, cool by me, but then ya gotta let everybody pray in their own way, meaning you're gonna have to endure moslem prayers, jewish prayers, hindu prayers, buddhist prayers, yoruba chant, you name it.

as long-time readers know, yoga programs have been operating successfully in several prominent school districts for a while now, including some charter-type schools in atlanta and san francisco.

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