Tuesday, September 13, 2005

scorn tchibo now!

"german coffee retailing group tchibo holding ag is planning to enter the u.s. market. . ."

i'd like to be able to say, over my dead body, but alas, they have the capital and marketing sway. we lovers of fine specialty coffees can only fight a rearguard action here.

tchibo is basically of the "big four" mindset -- those multi-nationals like sara lee, p&g, kraft, nestle -- who are responsible for the questionable substances found in the supermarket cans and jars.

but they also have kind of a mermaid-type role in europe too. starbucks has started selling music; tchibo sells cell phone plans.

and just look at their drinks!all super-sized whipped cream and sprinkles. horrifying.

and their signature products include instant, or soluble coffee. yuck-o.

thus my advice to lovers of real, fresh, single-origin specialty coffee: scorn tchibo now!

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