Sunday, September 04, 2005

sri jois honored; chant for ganesh

this article mentioning an event for ashtanga teacher sri p. jois caught my eye, since i don't usually see him mentioned in the papers as much as i might expect, considering.

also, over this holiday weekend, if any of you yoga students have time, do consider checking out the chant program for ganesh over the next couple of days. good vibes & you can practice your sanskrit pronunciation too.

myself, however, today i'm making pizza as usual. the light has changed color and direction; it's beginning-autumn light now without a doubt. the wind off the harbor has also changed its times too.

altho' it's still warm here -- great pizza-making weather -- fall is hastening. there's no stopping it. i've spent most of the day investigating that wordpress migration, which is looking more and more hairy.

dougie did it, but it must have taken days. and days. before he even got around to customizing the templates. . .

it's enough to drive me back to yesterday's kenya/java blend for solace. i absolutely can't believe how ugly -- sorry, but it's true! -- most of these available templates are; few are even 3 column.

it's terrifying, really.

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