Sunday, September 25, 2005

the sweetmeat of salento

after eyeing these in my local garden of eden for a long time, i finally fell for 'em, and frankly i'm glad i did:

". . .the sun, the sea, the ancient olive trees, the chirping of the cicadas, and at the end of june, the almonds, which often grow spontaneously. the sweetmeat [sic] of salento are fruits of a simple culture, which for this reason, last through the years."

of course what we're talking about here -- organic italian figs stuffed with toasted wild almonds, rolled in sweet cinnamon, and then dipped in 60% dark chocolate.

the elegant cream package simply says fichi farciti, stuffed figs from alda, an artisanal candy company in tuglie, a village of only about 5,300 souls located in lecce, puglia, perhaps best known for a particularly lovely, restrained, and simple church.

they are yummy, yummy, yummy, and i had 2 along with a dancing goat blend americano after a pleasant noon yoga class.

however, it is with a heavy heart that i warn you: these little mouthfuls are alas shockingly addictive. i simply cannot be held responsible for any associated cravings and obsessive madness. . . .sample at your own considerable peril.

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