Friday, October 14, 2005

bks in nyc & the huehue

"although he can appear fierce, even forbidding, he has an impish, ready laugh and a quick wit that befits a man who can still perform a full backbend and stand on his head unsupported by a wall for more than an hour."

this nyt article on renowned yoga teacher bks iyengar's recent nyc appearance is charming.

here's a little excerpt from his latest book, light on life.

the US$70 a seat ticket price was high, and still the whole tour sold out right away. . . .however, you still can catch a glimpse of him at his book signing tomorrow.

the lines at the borders on columbus circle will be long, i'm sure, so get there much earlier than the official 5pm start time, i'd say, and bring your utmost yogic patience.

the intense rain might dampen (hah!) the insanity, but believe me, if i could, i'd go, just to see him once in person!

it is still raining cats & dogs, spoons & forks, what have you, here in nyc -- this endless week of rain -- so i began this morning with don schoenholt's gillies guatemalan huehuetenango shb euro-prep in the vac pot.

got your scaa flavor wheel? of course, the vac pot highlights brightness, so i'd say this was a sweet, crispy-snappy brew.

it had a fair body -- remember the vac pot tends to attenuate body/mouthfeel -- and a great toasted malt, slightly spicy feel. it's a just a cheerful, floral, standard-city + roast coffee, pleasant to start a rainy day with.

yeah: it's like having a nice, uplifting conversation at the breakfast table. but it's an interior chat, between you and the huehue. . .

most people will love it with a tablespoon of light cream and a little raw sugar to emphasize its candy-vanilla quality. clean, balanced, lovely, i just highly recommend this coffee!

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