Thursday, October 20, 2005

brief interruption

yesterday suddenly in the afternoon i bent over at the office to pick up
a paper, stood up, and realized a large black moon was obscuring the
vision in my left eye.

alas, dear readers, my left retina had detached, and as a result, i am
having emergency "scleral buckle" surgery.

the success rate for this ambulatory affair is 90%, and my doctor is
literally one of the best in world at this. so i should be quite fine,
and my sight will only be slightly diminished.

since those who know me understand that everyone in my family is as
blind as bats anyway, my glasses will only get a tad thicker!

but please send some yogic vibes my way today and tomorrow. i may not be
able to post much if at all until next monday.

until then, be sure to have chocolate for breakfast every day!

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