Tuesday, October 11, 2005

coffee & the kgb?

this has to be the strangest tale involving coffee i've ever heard. a kgb spy pretends to be a coffee expert so as to destabilize latin america? bizarre if true.

anyway, when i have time i'm going to hook up all the blogs i read to the newish google reader. what i love about it is of course it's portable, and i can read my stuff from anywhere at all. . .

i know it's fashionable to be down on google these days, but i still kinda find them fascinating in the way apple is fascinating.

how does steve jobs know exactly what i want anyway? he and i couldn't be more different it seems -- and yet somehow he mysteriously reads my mind. . .

if i were smart i'd run away and tell google all the things skirt 'net users need that no one is making for us. . .like the insta-synching family calendar, so that myself, my husband, my children, my dog, my grandma etc. etc. can enter our appointments on whatever device we like, send that to google, have google compile all that, and feed it back to all of us on whatever device auto-magically.

it should know where we live zip-and-postal-code-wise so it can also compile the major school and/or government holidays on that too. yes i mean feed, so that we can all subscribe to any/all the compiled calendars we are want/are allowed to, and so it will update in near-real time.

this is probably the killer soccer-mom app, actually. . .

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