Monday, October 10, 2005

could we create a coffee choir?

the whole coffee vortex thing in this article is pretty cool, but i like the "singing cup" a bit better.

could we use the explanation provided to create a series of tuned coffee cups and play them?

oh, and why does 20/20 hate coffee?

"have you ever ordered a decaf coffee, and received a regular coffee ? or one with more caffeine than you expected ? and had an adverse reaction? if this describes you and you would like to share your story on '20/20,' we'd like to hear from you!"

lawd luv a green-eye duck! what is these people's problem?

after the april nonsense, you'd know they seem to have some strange bias. but is stossel et. al. really going to do a huge exposé because some mermaid monkey gave someone on his staff the wrong order or something?


i keep forgetting: how many people died from "adverse reactions" to coffee this year -- um, zero? we're not talking vioxx here you know!

it's important to remember the very few deaths attributed to caffeine are usually those of students who o.d. on pills. because really, who would drink 1-1/2 gallons of espresso at a single sitting?

is it actually possible to brew that much espresso fast enough to drink it in the time to make yourself sick? i mean, by the time you made that much espresso, most of it would be cold and undrinkable, no?

and if they did, wouldn't they deserve a darwin award? oh how the mind wanders. . .

in a completely unrelated strain of thought, i'm really becoming fond of the japanese milbon hair line. recently i had the 4-part salon conditioning treatment, which i really recommend for people with highlighted hair.

the take-home tubes are easy to use and seem to offer a cumulative effect. what's great is that unlike many deep conditioners, it leaves your hair weightless, fluffy, soft.

i also like the crede er deep conditioner for home use, too.

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