Tuesday, October 04, 2005

dark chocolate for your tummy?

even tho' by now i am almost inured to all the "chocolate is a health food" articles -- don't we know this already? -- it was amusing to read this:

"dark chocolate may offer mild relief to people who suffer from intestinal problems, according to a study. . ."

i never get these things like traveler's tummy, but then i always travel with what other people consider a large amount of dark chocolate, mostly in case i get stuck on the runway for an hour before take off, or the train is delayed, etc. etc.

in fact, i almost always have a bar of el rey apamate 73.5% with me in my bag. speaking of el rey, i remember at clay gordon's famous chocolate dinner sitting next an otherwise nice lady from chocolatier magazine who informed me with utter disdain dripping from every pore that no one who knew anything about chocolate liked el rey.

since then, i've been rooting for them, esp. since i met them at the chocolate show once and they were super nice people. so articles like this (thanks, marshall f.!) make me happy.

in other news, i'd like to report that the scaa "first responders" group has raised more than US$225,000 to support the organization. booth sales for the 2006 conference in charlotte have gone so well, i've heard, that the conference could pretty much be golden right now -- 767 10x10 spaces sold -- not even to mention the expected sales coming up.

for those who are interested in the whole scaa finance thing, check out this little summary. . .

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