Sunday, October 23, 2005

Thank you

Thank all of you for your comments and well wishes.

Unfortunately, I couldn't have the simple spot-laser weld surgery. I required the full "scleral buckle" surgery, where they need to open your eye and put it back together with crazy glue and a rubber band! This is a more serious surgery.

I required general anaesthesia and now cannot read, write or use a computer for a week (so my husband is typing this for me).

However, I am otherwise in fairly good spirits, although very tired. I am staying home not only because my depth perception is completely screwed, but also because I look like a Picasso painting.

It would definitely frighten the horses!

I was lucky to have one of the world's best retina doctors do the surgery at Mount Sinai. While I won't be making any pizza today, I will be able to do yoga in a month to 6 weeks.

Once again I appreciate your kind thoughts and they are very comforting while I spend a week on the couch eating fruit compote and listening to Harold Budd.

I'm glad the internet has brought to me such excellent friends as you all.

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