Monday, November 21, 2005

back to yoga!

yesterday for the first time in a month, i finally went back to yoga. sure, it was a fairly basic class, but still there i was, albeit in halasana (plow pose) instead of "fancier" inversions. and now that i have my new fancy glasses, i also voraciously read my way through the recent namarupa.

this morning i enjoyed the batdorf "latitudes" panama geisha before it fades away into age. what a lovely coffee this remains!

this means i'm still looking to get oren's finchwa in the cafetiére.

otherwise i'm trying to collect myself because it seems i will be visiting australia in december, and so i'm trying to collate a list of the most awesome coffeehouses, chocolatiers, yoga studios, and artisanal pizza places in sydney!

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