Sunday, November 27, 2005

nice article

what i liked about molly was that she admitted from the start that as a foodie, she knew little about coffee. she was honest, sweet, and open to new ideas; as result she wrote a very nice coffee article mentioning several long-time bccy friends and all the batdorf "latitudes" coffees i've recently been talking about here.

welcome to all first-time readers coming over from molly at the olympian! glad to meet ya!

speaking of which, let me just say as a final word that the kello yrg makes a fantastic turkish coffee! i'm drinking one now, after coming back from the gazillion errands that have to happen before one travels.

betcha scott and jessica haven't tried it that way yet. . .!!

it's a chill, gray day in bklyn and almost everyone is surly, surly, surly. not i i'm packing for oz.

however, since i will be a guest in quite a few crowded yoga studios, i had to take the time for a primo pedicure -- i really don't need to make enemies among the sweet aussie yoginis by sticking filthy american feet in their faces! (long time readers know this is one of my pet peeves about thoughtless yogis, those horrible unwashed, unkempt feet flying back at me in the sun salutations!)

i know that in a hot sydney summer we're all going to get pretty sweaty in classes together, but that doesn't mean i have to gross everyone out before we even start the standing poses. . .

in general, sydney pretty much seems like the current global haven for the overall bccy "lifestyle" if there is such a thing: the food and coffee revolution is completely there; nearly everyone it seems does yoga all the time; and there's an artistic and literary resurgence as well.

all in a liberal, tolerant, hip and multicultural milieu! it might be better than the u.s.a. right now when considered in this light.

or as a colleague said to me, "australia is the country of the 21st century." well, i'm about to find out.

due to travel and all that, i may not be able to blog again until the 31st. but i hope to catch up with you all around then!

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