Friday, November 25, 2005

siberia, part iii

i awoke on this frightfully frigid morning to continue yesterday's coffee tasting by brewing scott and jessica's batdorf "latitudes" siberia pacamara in the french press, properly known as the cafetiére.

again, since i had to get going this morning, i made my little ancient 2-cup bodum. that's 10 fl. oz./296 ml water and 0.6 oz./17 g fresh ground coffee, which i steeped for 4 mins.

and i will say that the coffee did have am improved, lovely smooth body and a light brightness! but in general, it was otherwise similar to the brew i got from the vac pot on the first attempt.

not that there's anything wrong with that! so truth to tell, i think it's a grind situation -- i am beginning to believe that this coffee comes alive with a slightly finer grind than you might at first use.

yesterday's espresso definitely leads me in this direction. . .a good test of this will be tomorrow in the chemex.

i'm grinding at "12" now on my saeco 2002, but tomorrow i'll try taking that down to a "10" to see if those lime or raisin flavors pop out at me!

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