Saturday, December 24, 2005

attack of the bandicoots & cane beetles

there's no doubt that silky oaks is one of the world's great hotels -- in many ways i think it's as fine as le sireneuse and the famous ventana. while it resembles the ventana more closely, of course it has some interesting aspects the others lack, being in the middle of the daintree.

the great abundance of wildlife and its open-to-the-mossman-river architecture means you can meet all sorts of critters -- one night i was charged by bandicoots, who apparently were expecting a hand-out. tonite i was surprised by a giant cane beetle who flew in to check out my duck confit with citrus glaze.

luckily i had previously fortified myself with the best chocolate object in all queensland -- a torta bestia nera, that famed italian flourless chocolate cake, at 2 fish in port douglas. since today is mr. right's birthday, we had to make sure he could find a most excellent slice of something.

tomorrow i'll be having an x-mas picnic of fresh grilled aussie seafood and a local wine on the beach -- probably the beautiful thornton (scroll down thru here), where alas you cannot swim due to the deadly box jellyfish, irukandji, and of course the dainty saltwater crocodiles. . .

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