Thursday, December 22, 2005

in which i see a cassowary

true! i did manage to take a little tour of the ylang-ylang scented air over the daintree river, and while driving thru the rainforest caught a glimpse of the famed rare cassowary as it fled thru the bush. live they rather resemble a large irridiscent black mop.

by large i mean -- larger than i, with that beautiful blue head. pix don't do them justice, as it doesn't capture the flash of the feathers even in the dim and dappled light of the forest.

i've spent the day sampling local coffees from jaques and the melaleuca plantation from mareeba. in many ways these arabicas resemble the average kona. . .

finally, on the daintree river, i did also see a large female crocodile and quite a few birds -- azure kingfishers, cockatoos, australian darters, wompoo pigeons, among others. the amount of wildlife up here is incredible, actually.

the gorgeous irridiscent blue ulysses butterfly seems nearly as common as a sparrow in nyc. . .

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