Saturday, December 31, 2005

the yrg trio, or andrew's hama

long-time readers will remember willem boot's famed ethiopian internet coffee auction, which was a tipping point in how specialty coffee is sourced, how farmers who deliver high quality are paid, and how farmers and roasters can work together to create great new mutually sustainable business relationships. i crowed about it at the time.

but the question in everyone's mind was: how's the coffee? and the awesome andrew b. of ecco sealed the judgement when he sent me yesterday's batch, which included his offering from that auction, his northern-italian style roast of the hama co-op yrg.

the truly devoted reader will recall i've had the privilege of sampling 2 other coffees from this auction so far this autumn: oren's incredible finchwa and scott & jessica's batdorf "latitudes" kello. and they are eff-ing incredible coffees, beans that seem more like stellar harrars than a traditional yrgacheffe.

let me instantly report that andrew's coffee is in the same vein -- but even more so. or perhaps just because it's been awhile since i've had the others, my memory's been cracked by the intense australian sun.

andrew's coffee seems so blue even on simply opening the bag. really, it smells just like blueberry pancakes. gentle readers, you know i can't resist a strongly blueberry coffee. . .so andrew's hama yrg just swept up my heart.

chris at godshot also has written about this very bean. i made it today in the cafetiére (a.k.a. french press to you!) and just about fell over at how much blue made it into the cup.

i absolutely must brew this in the vac pot on new year's day to usher in 2006, at which point i'll give it a more proper description. and speaking of 2006, i wish all of you a most happy new year.

2006 should bring everyone new joy, better coffee, and great artisan chocolate! there's a lot to talk about still on the bccy front, so please stay tuned!

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