Wednesday, January 11, 2006

amen, vince!

" 'The cup spoke for itself it was so great,' said vince piccolo, president of caffe artigiano. . .'it's such clean tasting, it has lively acidity and a wonderful citrus finish in the palate.

'we're going to give people the option of buying the best coffee in brazil for $US5 a's an option the customer would love," he said. a regular cup costs about $US2 ($A2.67).

asked why he paid such a big premium for the coffee, piccolo said, 'why not reward the farmer for doing exceptional work? coffee is grossly undervalued in the world.' "

you said it and may you keep saying it, vince! the coffee under discussion is the #1 winner of the brazilian cup of excellence auction, which went for an astonishing US$49.75 a pound green.

that might turn into something like US$75 a pound roasted at retail. before you balk at that, remember that a pound of coffee makes about 40 6-oz. cups, for just a cost of just US$1.88 a cup if you brewed it at home.

compare that to the cost of a prize-winning wine per glass! the coffee's a steal in that sense.

the coffee is the fazenda santa inez, grown by farmer francisco isidoro dias pereira. congrats to him!

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