Sunday, January 08, 2006

back to pizza

yesterday afternoon i had a few errands in mall-hattan to run -- but it was great to cab about from the garment district to the lower east side to see what's been up since basically between my surgery and my vacation i've been outta touch from the last week of october to now. off the main avenues where the big chain stores have taken over, it was great to see small and funky boutiques springing back up again on the side streets.

lately i've been in search of organic, stone-ground, unbleached white all-purpose flour, which has become surprisingly hard to find. a certain trappist flour of this description used to be everywhere -- now after seeking all over town, even in the annoyingly fake whole foods, i just can't find any. not even online!

but not from the monks. i don't think they make it anymore.

if anyone out there knows where in mall-hattan or bklyn i can find a good performing flour of this type, hey! comment below i beg you. . .

this morning i made up a batch of pizza dough, even tho' the dishwasher is still non-functional. trying to get service from g.e. for the puppy i have now has just been nightmare. you make appointments and the guys just don't show up.

on the second attempt, while mr. right was home waiting for the guy to come, he called the office and left a message saying -- since you don't answer, i'm not coming. well of course mr. right wasn't in his office!

he was at home waiting for the guy! and when you call g.e. to try to get the situation sorted out, you wait on hold 2 hours only to finally get a phone monkey who can't do anything and doesn't know anything and only offers to make you another appointment in 2 weeks.

like how many days off work is one supposed to take? only to have the guy still not appear? it's insane. . .

after all this, we clearly need pizza to restore our sanity. and so i mixed up the dough today. take my advice: avoid g.e. like the plague!

but as soon as i can find that stone-ground white flour, i'll be experimenting with a batch of e. david's old-fashioned muffin bread, a charming recipe she gives from 1845. . . long-time readers know i'm a big david fan, altho' i do readily confess she understood nothing at all about pizza.

it seems she really never liked it much. . .

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