Tuesday, January 17, 2006

busted, markoff!

"when asked to comment on how she first linked yoga and chocolate together, katrina had this to say: 'it's this ritual part of eating chocolate that lead me to first associate chocolate and yoga.' "

so she says.

i'd just like to note, from one yogini to another, ms. markoff, that you opened vosges haut chocolate in new york in late 2003, while we here at bccy went live in our present form in may 2001.

i will however grant that you first started business in 1998 in chi-town -- but really, chocolate workshops for the chakras? while of course i love chocolate and yoga both, and wish you well in all your work, ms. markoff, do you have to merchandise your chocolate artistry and your sincere yoga to death?

i swear, i swear, every day brings me closer to ashtangi eddie stern's point of view. artisan chocolate should be a noble art; yoga shouldn't be an engine of naked commerce.

sigh. cup of coffee anyone?

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