Thursday, January 19, 2006

coffee meetup

and don't you all forget the nyc coffee meetup at juan valdez on wed., jan. 25. r.s.v.p. here.

i had been chasing zander from clover equipment around to see if i could get him to demo one his interesting new brewers -- "the clover" -- to the group. but alas, his travel schedule is really tight, and he can't lend me the machine.

the clover has generated substantial buzz. so another time. . .

as a result, this coffee meetup will be a hang-out-n-chat affair. no worries, as our aussie friends say.

finally, let me give a big bccy congrats to old coffee pal mark p., for his nice mention in the nytimes today. good work!

getting the message out about the importance of a good grinder is core specialty coffee gospel. and of course, long-time readers know i've had a mazzer mini for years now.

mine is the discontinued manual switch model. so what if i have to push the button by hand? it can hardly count as work!

i also have the doser model with the old "high" hopper. but the new "low" hopper fits better under most people's kitchen cabinets. . .

the mazzer is highly recommended if you're seeking a first espresso grinder, or just interested in upgrading.

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