Wednesday, January 11, 2006

email alert

here's fair warning that i've started using spam arrest. my email provider just isn't any good at this spam filtering stuff, and my inbox is now 95% spam.

i know there's real information in there that's being smothered. so forgive me if i haven't answered you recently; please resend your email and confirm you're a real human being.

i should catch up with you shortly. thanks in advance.

in other news, last night i acquired (sigh) yet another g.e. fridge. this has to do totally with size.

each manufacturer seems to have a default set of sizes all their own. thus my kitchen, built around the old g.e., can only accomodate another g.e.

this is breaking my heart because i had fallen desperately in love with the australian fisher & paykel frigo. they are ultra-hip! and look at that interior space arrangement!

true, the bottom freezer thing does rather give one the feeling of working in the morgue, sliding stuff in and out of the drawers. . . new fridge comes saturday.

imagine -- not having to buy milk every day!

finally, let me note that i'm just now getting around to reading the aussie yoga magazine i bought in sydney. it's not scholarly, intellectual, or literary, like my fave namarupa, no doubt.

but it's filled with solid no-nonsense articles on yoga. none of this yoga journal "yoga diet" and "cool clothing by hollywood yoga mamas" claptrap.

in the aussie magazine, i particularly liked the article by desikachar, as well as the one on creating a personal practice, the other on when teachers should offer pose adjustments and when students should accept them, and a straight-forward discussion of real tantra.

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