Monday, January 09, 2006

inbox overload

yes, about 150 people have politely emailed me some version of this article this morning. upon which, i really won't comment. . .it may speak for itself!

from how women perceive pain, to some breast cancers, to mild depression and suicide, to migraines (some women find coffee helps reduce theirs; but others do find the opposite), and so forth, the moderate consumption of coffee seems to have a notable, beneficial effect upon female body chemistry.

not to mention the general anti-oxidant, diabetes, and all that news.

let me also take this moment to thank you all for your patience while i manually moderate comments. between the new spate of comment spam and weird people with personal agendas, i intend to continue this step for another few weeks.

don't stop commenting, please! i do review all comments a.s.a.p.

finally, on the yoga front, i'm getting the general impression that after a few months where yoga seemed a tad less ultra-chic, it appears to be picking up steam again. another rock-n-roll star's getting into ashtanga. . .

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