Sunday, January 15, 2006

just another day when i can't log in

why o why does blogger sometimes decide my browser has cookies disabled and refuse to lemme log in? when i know this browser's accepted so many cookies that my hard drive's filled with crumbs?

i have to say, a propos of yesterday, that i love having a freezer that actually freezes. for one thing, you can get much nicer microfoam for your espresso is you texture the milk in a pitcher that's spent a couple of hours in the freezer. . .

and all the chocolate feves you've bought in bulk for making cookies and brownies won't melt. . .

and you can make a triple recipe of red pizza sauce, safely freezing the remainder for a couple of weeks, because the 20 minutes to make the sauce is actually the hardest part of the entire pizza process. . .

speaking of things i regularly make, of course it being sunday, i went to afternoon yoga and make st. hamelman's pizza dough recipe, as usual.

however, instead of using my old flour mixture of first clear and semolina (for the so-called "andrea doria" crust), or king arthur flour's general all-purpose, today i switched to the king arthur artisan organic white flour.

what's astonishing about this dough to me is that when baked at oh, 575-600 degree f on a pizza stone for 4 mins., it comes out as sweet and wheaty as you could ever imagine.

seriously. it just has the most lovely sweet chewiness. i think this switch may be permanent.

check it out yourselves, and tell me how it works for you. . .in lieu of the stone-ground, organic white flour i still seek, i might be able to live with this!

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