Saturday, January 28, 2006

still seeking perfect chocolate-chocolate chunk cookie

so after fortifying myself with a cup of jessica's batdorf dancing goat, i got down to the business of the day: making single-origin espresso shots of andrew b's ecco lovely hama yrg and the bolivian c.o.e. winner.

the bolivian is the far better shot, to my mind. since i know all the fantastic flavors in the hama, i find what espresso preparation does to them a trifle sad.

in silvia, the yrg's berry basket -- where you can experience each invididual fruit in turn -- gets crushed into a generic dried cherry feeling. the chocolate turns more clove, and the crema is just ok.

plus, since the hama's a winey coffee, it comes out a tad bright for what i like in an espresso. adding water to make an americano frankly just convinced me i would have been better off brewing it the cafetiére.

i also took the afternoon to research chocolate-chocolate chunk cookies. i just can't find a recipe that pleases me. i tried this one (scroll down) from alice medrich -- but i should have known better, since none of her recipes ever satisfy me.

this may be one of those cookies where the raw dough is much better than the baked object. baked, it's just: there.

they are so not divine. . . .alas.

the raw dough's fantastic, there's no doubt. i know every 1 egg in 10,000 or something has samonella (i won't get into an anti-factory farming rant here; the facts speak for themselves), but this dough does beg you to take your chance. . .

i need a truly death-by-chocolate chewy chunk monster deep dark cookie. i don't care if it's made with chocolate or cocoa.

i can't tell you how many recipes i've been through -- when o when will i find one truly worth eating? david l. must have one somewhere!

but hey, if you have a killer one, please tell me.

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