Monday, January 30, 2006

the tide begins to turn

"consumers are straying away from soft drinks and toward coffee drinks, industry statistics show.

for the first nine months of 2005, coca-cola's sales of carbonated soft drinks fell 4.2 percent, according to industry newsletter beverage digest. and pepsico's carbonated soft drink sales fell 3.6 percent.

overall, carbonated soft drink sales in the united states likely have dropped 1 percent in 2005, beverage marketing corp. estimates -- the first decline in decades. in contrast, 2005 sales in ready-to-drink coffees are expected to increase 19 percent from 2004. sales in the category have been growing substantially since 2002, while carbonated soft drink sales have remained relatively flat.

overall coffee consumption also is growing. daily coffee drinking in the united states in 2005 rose to 53 percent of adults, up from 49 percent the previous year, according to the national coffee association. and every month, 200 coffee shops are built."

how many times have we heard that coffee consumption was being murdered by soft drink marketing? and for how long now have we been fighting back?

it's starting to work!

every podcaster, every blogger, every specialty-coffee-oriented website, every contributor to, everyone who has been quoted in an msm coffee story, every home coffee drinker, home roaster, and home barista, has been part of the fight to raise coffee consciousness.

and we are finally beginning to show results! yay, us!

the broad informal alliance of scaa coffee professionals and average coffee lovers is starting to show its first dividends.(because i can pretty much guarantee that all this coffee growth is within the specialty sector!)

this will be the true solution for the coffee crisis. . .

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