Saturday, January 21, 2006

the ultimate balanced diet

at least that's what the stylish bloomsberry chocolate promises. mr. right'll check out this milk chocolate for me and then we'll see!

i myself went for a bar of hachez 88% premier cru. what a fantastic creamy mouthfeel -- and i love the way its pleasant bitterness hangs in the back of the mouth like a stout.

if you're not familiar with this great german chocolate, here's a nice article that discusses their devotion to high-quality production.

i picked these up after i returned from my usual saturday afternoon yoga class, where, for the first time since my eye surgery in october, i did a full tripod headstand.

it was a tad wobbly, but hey, in a couple of weeks i'll be back to my usual vinyasa of crow-headstand-twisted crow.

in other news, mr. right defrosted the remaining wedges of the famed irish shooting cake. it freezes well, indeed.

however, it's a tad more crumbly on defrosting -- and it absolutely has to be eaten hot, or at least warm enough to melt butter. . .

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