Thursday, January 12, 2006

yoga in the schools now

"at highland high in gilbert {az], students have thronged to a new yoga fitness class that has become an unexpected hit."

this in oh-so-conservative arizona! but considering the terrifying stories the nytimes has been running lately on the nightmare epidemic of diabetes caused by obesity, it's only common sense to get young people into fitness activities they can pursue as a life-style.

and to do so now. note that this innovative and popular yoga program is part of highland high's overall progressive model.

perhaps this is just one reason why was recently named the best public school in the state? in fact, this news story may be pointing to a larger trend: the growing popularity of yoga practice among teens and tweens:

"it started as an experiment to give preteen girls a change to blow off some steam after a long day at school."

so begins the description of a popular yoga class in the boston area for young girls. the real situation will be how to use this growing interest in yoga to help children avoid obesity and its problems rather than just market it as a quick-dying fad. . .

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