Monday, February 20, 2006

big calories

"starbucks' caramel frappuccino -- a blend of coffee, milk, caramel and ice capped with whipped cream and a swirl of caramel -- is a tempting treat.
but at 525 calories for a venti, or 24-ounce cup, it's nearly as decadent as a big mac, which weighs in at about 560 calories

just in case you forgot how fattening those hot milkshakes are, this article reminds you. and as i've said before, you can make an equivalent drink at home with higher quality ingredients for less money, with far fewer calories -- and in a more reasonable, elegant size.

think 6 oz, like an italian would. for example, torani came out with a sugar-free caramel sauce, 1 oz. of which is only 80 calories.

so combine that with 2 oz. of espresso (about 8 calories), 3 oz. whole milk for a full-fat taste (let's call that 60 calories), and 1 tablespoon whipped cream on top (50 calories), and i think your at-home drink, which can make and enjoy while still in your jammies without having to leave the house -- clocks in at less than 200 calories.

of course if you like, you can used a reduced-fat whipped-cream-substitute thing, as well as skim milk, but, you know, the choice is yours. . .put half the caramel sauce in the cup, and pour the rest over the whipped cream in a decorative swirl.

speaking of making coffee at home, i had just a scoop full or two of terry p's great doma organic ethiopian harrar left, on what was basically the last day of its freshness life-cycle. there was only 1 thing to do with it.

yup, make turkish coffee! i think harrar makes a fantastic cup of turkish, and no doubt turkish is the fastest and easiest way to make coffee.

long-time readers will remember i've discussed how to make good turkish coffee, not the nasty kind you often see, here before. ibriks are plentiful and quite inexpensive!

(and despite what people say, i found if you keep your heat low and stick your instant-read thermometer into the foaming brew, you will see that the coffee actually isn't boiling! it's about 205 degrees, the upper limit for coffee brewing. . .)

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