Thursday, February 09, 2006

breaking coffee news

paul bassett cafe, ginza, tokyo
yes! thanks to barista goddess sherri johns, we here at bccy are privileged to publish what may be the first photos of the world barista champ himself paul bassett's cafe opening in the ginza 2 weeks ago. well, maybe they aren't the absolute first, but they're the only ones i've seen yet!

paul bassett with sherri johnsthis second pic is of course of the goddess herself with paul. coffee being a small world, naturally we all know each other.

and i have to say paul and sherri are just two of the most adorable people ever. remember that small world thing, above?

long-time readers will note that sherri is an old, old friend of another bccy super-pal, andrew b. of ecco. sherri's still doing her barista and cafe training thing with her whole cup consulting.

she has several regular clients in japan, and just happened to be there for paul's opening. i love coffee -- it abounds in these happy co-incidences!

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