Sunday, February 26, 2006

can't complain today

these mail-in posts always have screwy formatting. forgive me. while it's true i still can't log in to blogger at the moment, and audioblogger has been giving me a busy signal for the last 30 minutes, i have to say i can't complain today because long-time bccy pal and google guy eric case wrote me himself.

thanks eric. i appreciate your time. in short, i can't avoid upgrading to camino any longer, it seems. in general, i am wary of downloading and installing things on my beloved macintosh. this is probably left over from my long experience with the days of serious extension conflicts.

you just can't always anticipate how an otherwise well-behaved software program will perform on your own little desktop, because you generally won't know that it's going to be fatally allergic to some obscure widget my well-meaning husband installed as part of quark or something.

not to mention that i'm still nursing along that quark installation for os9 because my husband's job still hasn't upgraded! i can't wait for the day i can cart this dearly beloved apple back to tekserve and have them wipe the partition and install whatever hip new jungle cat's available at that time -- with quark for osx.

speaking of hip new cats, i did load my ipod shuffle with about 18 hours of jazz. the irony of this is naturally that the shuffle's battery only lasts for 12.

i'd like to tell you what i'm listening to, but of course the beauty of the thing is that i have no idea! well, that's not really true. you can always recognize ornette coleman as opposed to mingus, no doubt. but there are a few moments when i ask
myself, "what is this song?"

today i found that i basically forgot that i was wearing it, which alas led me to do bad, bad, foolish bad things that the ipod instruction manual clearly tells you not to do.

such as wash dishes while wearing the shuffle, or lean into the oven to rotate the pans of irish shooting cake. (google the blog for my recipe for this delightful cross between shortbread and a raisin scone.)

surely there are wireless earpieces for this puppy. if i didn't sometimes see the slender in-ear cables as i move, i'd forget that the world isn't actually an elegant supper club in the village, period.

(yes, some of the oscar peterson pieces do actually include the sound of knives and forks clinking against porcelain. . .)

oops! time to bake the pizza!

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