Wednesday, February 01, 2006

funny who stops by & who doesn't

i guess i should take it as a validation of something when the frat boys from maxim stop by. hi guys: hope you love this pink chick site for coffee, and can't wait to see you in yoga class real soon!

but seriously, i wanna give a big bccy congrats to long-time "current influence" and scaa board member mark inman of taylor maid on this nice blog post at sf-ist.

i have always maintained that mark's espresso a-go-go is one of the most underappreciated blends in the u.s.a. i'm surprised he didn't give this to sf-ist to review.

however, he sent them the goat rock, which they liked. so that clearly indicates to me that they aren't gonna like dunkin's coffee at all.

nope. no way. thus the blog posting makes total sense to me. i also think, knowing dunkin's blend of colombians, that the vac pot ain't gonna be the best way to make that.

the vac pot is going to highlight dunkin's already marked brightness, which these folks aren't set to cotton to, as we used to say in kansas.

also, when it comes to vac pots, i just don't recommend the pricey new electric santos at all any more. why?

because you have to futz with them to get 'em to work right. for all that $$$ you shouldn't have to take a hacksaw to it or stuff little cards under the feet to prolong the brew time, all those tricks.

the vintage electric ones from the 40s & 50s, tho' -- they still work great. but for ease of use, i stick to my freaky stovetop santos.

actually, i haven't been brewing in my vac pot lately. i've been busy trying out andrew b's ecco great hama yrg in the cafetiére, the chemex that sweetie oren kindly gave me, my silver napoletana.

i think i prefer it in the first, frankly. altho' of course as the coffee changes -- it's 8 days old now -- the blue seems to be receding and i feel like i'm getting more dried cherry throughout the bouquet. that cherry comes through more clearly in the pressed cup, esp., i think.

whereas the chemex seems to minimize the fruit and strengthen the honey/malty, toasty flavors.

(see my how to talk about coffee with associated pic. the "sets" referred to are the 3 main interior divisions on the aromas side of the scaa flavor wheel.)

so actually, i guess my conclusion is: the guys from maxim are probably really bored over here, while the guys from sf-ist would probably enjoy it!

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