Monday, February 06, 2006

gimme guat and the blue spoon

after my recent visit with kevin and fernanda, obviously i had to have a little gimme coffee. and kevin was sweet enough to send us both home with beans -- fernanda got some kenya, and i took some guatemala.

however, fernanda has yet to purchase a grinder, so today as she was heading uptown to zabar's to check out coffee equipment, she stopped by downtown and we went for a cappuccino at the new-ish blue spoon.

the blue spoon served long-time bccy pal doug zell's intelligentsia black cat espresso. heather at the blue spoon does an ok job with it, but she's heading off shortly to chicago for some in-depth barista training.

so the coffee will improve. i hope she downsizes the drinks!

she'll learn to pour latte art there -- and i recommended sabados' video to her. after our coffee, fernanda went on uptown to pick up her grinder so she can starting enjoying that gimme kenya.

myself i began the morning with that guatemala in the cafetiére. the insouciant gimme bag tasting notes mention this coffee's rose, vanilla and molasses flavors.

it's true the dry grounds do have a nice tea-rose feeling, just like on the scaa flavor wheel. and the molasses and vanilla are certainly dead-on too.

i found the coffee snippy-snappy but not overly bright. a pleasant, silky body made this a pretty morning cup!

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