Thursday, February 23, 2006

great note from andrew b.

when andrew b. sent me his ecco reserve espresso yesterday, i remarked to him that it smelled (in the bag!) more like hazelnuts than i remembered. i wondered if he had changed coffees.

but no, here's what andrew told me in his own inimitable style:

"still blending luis nortberto pascoal's (coe board of director member) 2004 daterra reserve and gabriel carvalho dias's (1999 1st place winner coe) fazenda cachoeira pulped natural, yellow bourbon into the ecco reserve espresso.

flavors are changing slightly as these coffees age. perhaps, this is part of what you are experiencing. will be seeing new crop (2005 harvest) from both of these artisan producers in the near future. eagerly anticipating arrival of 2005 sao benedito (brazil coe #2) very soon."

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