Tuesday, February 28, 2006

how to save grandpa's life

"dutch scientists found elderly men who consumed cocoa had lower blood pressure levels, and were less likely to die from cardiovascular problems."

well, duh. long-time readers know we at bccy have been telling you for years that the flavonols and anti-oxidants in chocolate and coffee both were slowly being proved to have beneficial health effects.

i found the nutrionist's reservations at the end of the piece hilarious. if you're 85, is an extra 200 calories a day your biggest problem?

usually at that age you're more concerned about trying to get enough to eat, since many elderly people lose their appetite. and health-wise, heart disease is a bigger threat that the healthy fat in cocoa butter, yes?

plus of course, the whole low-fat thing was just tossed out recently by another large study. but if calories and fat are worriesome to your grandpa, make him a couple of cups of hot cocoa every day with splenda and skim milk.

8 oz. of skim milk, splenda, and 1 tablespoon of dutch cocoa powder comes to a grand total of about 140 calories. if the milk's a problem, use oat milk, or even plain water -- with 1 oz. milk, 7 oz. water, splenda, and 1 tablespoon cocoa powder, i think the drink comes to 60 calories.

and isn't it interesting how the mermaid has hopped on the rwanda trend? dougie, dougie, i think you at gmcr started something. . .

of course, as i think i made clear, dougie's rwanda is a mighty, mighty fine bean!

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