Sunday, February 12, 2006

in which i respond to a few issues in the snow

when the snow lessened enough that i could see across the street(!), i walked out to pick up a bunch of basil to make fresh pizza sauce. this is an audio post - click to play it had pretty much stopped snowing as i walked back, until i came to the corner of my building, whereupon all hell broke loose again and the full blizzard returned in an instant.

honestly, altho' i loathe snow with a passion, i can't complain, since i made chocolate waffles for breakfast, enjoyed the excellent ruby blue espresso from terry p's doma, and lunched on high-quality havarti with spiced pears poached in passito. worse things have happened to me.

i also received my renewal notice from namarupa, which is the most intellectually compelling yoga magazine. you bet i'm renewing.

i only wish i could pay electronically, so as to spare eddie stern et. al. the cost of mailing the renewal notices, and allow that money to go right to production and editorial services!

one line from a past issue haunts me; it's a statement made by an indian saint, a great yogini, sri anandamayee ma. if my memory hasn't failed me, it goes something like this: "i am that, which is hindu, moslem, christian, buddhist, or not, each as you require."

this i think is an important statement for our current time. i also love her statement, "work? for what or who could i possibly work? our sadhana (yoga practice) is play."

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