Tuesday, February 07, 2006

regional coffee culture, olympics edition

". . .perhaps the most indelible image of torino is that of a jewel box-like cafe with a rococo or art nouveau décor tucked under a baroque arcade. . .other european capitals - notably vienna, paris and trieste - have developed sophisticated cultures around their cafes, but none seems quite as elaborate or as vital to the social fabric as torino's."

ah, civilization; ain't it grand? this article reminds us why we here at bccy adore turin.

and not because the solid chocolate candy bar was invented there! think caffarel, of course.

it is also the ancestral home of lavazza.

i was quite surprised to see on cnn this morning that the news anchors were struggling to discuss turin, as if it's a little known place no one's ever heard of or travelled to. um, how about that shroud?

this morning i also brewed up some of the astro cafe my new brazilian friend maria fernanda macuzzo gave me in my little cafetiére. it's dark, thick, burnt caramel, for fans of french roast only, which is i think why ken davids didn't like it.

it's probably intended to be brewed in a moka pot and drunk with lots of sugar, the way the italians and brazilians do. by the time i'd finished the cup, i have to say it had reminded me of the all-arabica blend you can get at naple's bar mexico, which if my memory hasn't failed me, is called san pasquale. . .

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