Wednesday, February 15, 2006

rosa regale & the hachez 88

well, that's my valentine's day in a nutshell. went to work, went to my regular viniyoga class, then went home and broke out this italian classic that pairs well with chocolate.

the rosa regale, unlike other "pink" wines, is always well reviewed (for example, here) and highly regarded. made from the brachetto grape, it's a specialty of the italian piedmont.

basically you can think of it as a rosé prosecco. while its strawberry, raspberry, and rose petal aromas sound girly, almost everyone i know loves the stuff once i've turned 'em on to it.

while not the only wine that's fantastic with chocolate -- banyuls does well too -- it's probably the best italian wine for this purpose.

and naturally, i combined it with a few squares of my beloved hachez 88%. thus mr. right and i toasted the evening away.

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