Friday, February 24, 2006

thanks again, jessica!

and today jessica of batdorf gets another big bccy thank you! i think this makes 3 years that her ever-reliable customer service has delivered hy husband's favorite coffee, the dancing goat, fresh, on time, and with no errors.

roast date: the 22nd; meaning it's only 2 days old. also, many thanks to alan of aerobie for sending me his unusual coffee-brewing device. colin and i have been talking about it a bit and i think we are hoping to look at it in depth over time, comparing notes informally as we go along.

i love talking to colin: he is light-hearted and shares his vibrant passion for specialty coffee. he's just a guy who cheers you up, you know?

also, let me proudly announce that thanks to my husband, i've finally personally joined the 21st century with an ipod shuffle. at home we have a 5-disc changer, which i always fill up and then set to massive random.

thus the shuffle was made for my personality type, beyond any doubt. plus i can wear it around my neck -- important, because i do tend to lose everything that's not attached to my body.

i love wacky free-form music in this way, especially while cooking. now i can carry this style of brain-wandering with me everywhere and no longer have to inflict it on my poor mr. right, who like most people, is driven to distraction by the sudden jump from baader meinhof to kayhan kalhor to zorgina to aphex twin to arto lindsay.

now i'm no longer limited to 5 random artists and can just toss on whatever (john zorn! john coltrane! john adams!) insanity my little heart desires. this random-mode play allows you to discover connections between artists and genres you might have never otherwise suspected, you know? it's sort of a patient yoga of listening. . .

ok, dear readers, do you have any recommendations for total craziness i should add? please comment below.

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