Monday, March 27, 2006

and the secret elixir is. . .

". . .biochemists and physiologists in the dog-eat-dog world of sports drink technology have struggled to find the perfect elixir -- the right balance of carbohydrates, electrolytes, protein and fluid to keep athletes in peak form after various types of exercise.

so it was big news when exercise kinesiology professor joel stager and co-workers at indiana university in bloomington declared they had stumbled upon the perfect drink for elite cyclists recovering their energy after strenuous exercise.

that beverage was chocolate milk."

for several weeks i've been receiving a lot of email from people telling me how fantastic the new hershey's sugar-free chocolate 1% milk is. they were discussing what a great base it makes for hot chocolate or to use in making coffee drinks.

but apparently, according to this article, it's what we should all be drinking after yoga class.

anyway, i bought a carton last week. it's um, merely ok, i think. it's not really very chocolate-y, and has so much artificial thickener!

mr. right kindly chipped in to help by trying it on his daily oats. (shiver.)

so i have to say this stuff doesn't do it for me, but apparently a lot of people are putting a mug of it in the microwave with an ounce of good bittersweet chocolate and then after 2 mins. giving a good stir.

dear readers, you can try this yourself, but i just couldn't ruin a nice chunk of anything like that, personally. and i couldn't even dream of putting it in coffee. . .but some people are using it as the base for a kind of chocolate cafe au lait.

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