Wednesday, March 01, 2006

ashtanga documentary released

"not many outside the yoga world have heard about the man who made yoga so popular: shri pattabhi jois.

the 90-year-old guru, created one of the most popular forms of yoga: asthanga yoga. he will be in london next week to be the chief guest at the screening (scroll down to march 5) of the film 'guru' by london based filmmaker robert wilkins which captures the thousand-year-old guru-shishya parampara."

i will be very interested to see this documentary when it comes to new york! look for it to see if it's coming your way, yoga students.

in coffee news, the past 2 days i've been drinking a mystery blend that has a certain burnt-caramel note i always associate with the antique jabez burns sample roaster at the exchange. really, you know how really great fresh crème caramel has that super-hard crust with its slightly burnt sugar smell?

i think it's a mix of kenya aa kirinyaga and an indo, maybe a java jampits. so far i've been making it in the cafetiére. tomorrow i intend to try it in the chemex -- i think that brewing method might display the kenya better.

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