Saturday, March 18, 2006

hachez 77% with strawberry and mignonnette

i'm finally going broadband. i've resisted too long -- i just can't endure earthlink another moment, even tho' i've been a customer for 11 years.

after a difficult morning dealing between earthlink and time-warner to try to get the whole deal established -- the customer service award this morning goes most surprisingly to the cable company! -- after a comedy of errors due almost entirely to the downsides of voip -- the earthlink people were using voip and constantly screaming at me, "what? you're dropping out," which did not inspire confidence in me at all -- i just had to sit down.

so this is a long prelude to alert you, dear readers, that my email address may be changing soon. i'll update you with a new link below when and if appropriate.

and while sitting down i immediately reached for one of my favorite chocolates, the hachez 77% with dried strawberries and mignonnette (cracked green peppercorns). this mixture may come as a surprise to some of you, but it's delicious.

i'm used to fresh strawberries barely drizzled with vintage balsamic vinegar, the real 100-year-old stuff (more affordable here), and dusted with the barest pinch of fresh ground white pepper. that's a fabulous and classic presentation, if you happen to have perfect fresh little wild berries.

so this combination of chocolate, strawberries, and green pepper doesn't seem too far off the mark to me. and need i repeat it tastes fantastic?

highly recommended even when not dealing with voip and overly-elaborate phone tree options!

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