Tuesday, March 28, 2006

nice note from andrew b. today

andrew b's ecco são benedito, the prize-winning super-premium brazil c.o.e. i've been privileged to hang out with lately, is just a wonderful coffee. i can't wait to try it as a single-origin espresso.

and andrew was kind enough to offer his take on the bean:

"yes, with you on picking out the vanilla, almond and caramel aftertaste. some of my fellow coe jurors noted its citrus presence. what jumped out [at andrew] was a stone fruit sweetness, really luscious ripened apricot notes."

apricots! now this i haven't found yet. maybe it will show up in the espresso!

andrew also mentioned that some of the c.o.e. brazilian farmers were visiting california next week -- lucky andrew! to spend time with these great artisan growers.

besides spending time with andrew's coffee, of course i've also been listening to the new st. etienne and durutti column albums. pleasant cupping music.

ok, some critics are calling the durutti column album a masterpiece, but i'm still thinking that over. . .

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