Saturday, March 25, 2006

the problem

it's simple: the problem with going down to have your hair done at
supermodel central is that on a busy day, it can take 2. or, at least it
can feel like 2.

supermodel central has many fine features for a salon, but in general
the conversation may be a tad lacking if you're in a serious mood, which
in what this gray chilly weather had stranded me.

thus i found myself forced to read the new yorker -- when you seek
distraction in louis menand's discussion of weber and francis fukuyama,
you really have to ask yourself if the notion of "fun" has vanished from
your life.

just call me the "last woman" at the "end of history's styling session."
and then to get home hours late with the biga for the pizza still to
make. . .

another interesting new york moment was that i got to ride the so-called
hipster express, which goes from prospect park to the lower east side
and then over to billburg. that's a great subway line -- except i was
trying to get to union square.

once there i thought about going into the new nyc trader joe's to check
out the coffee, but the doorway was so mobbed, i bagged it, turned up
the coltrane on the shuffle and counted the mini-daffodils sprouting in
the park.

when i finally did return home, it was too late to even make up another
pot of andrew b's ecco sao benedito. . .

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