Thursday, March 02, 2006

welcome, ashante!

and guess what arrived yesterday from don schoenholt's gillies? the unusual zimbabwe aa coffee from the ashante estate!

i've never had this coffee before, so i was very excited to receive it.

despite all the turmoil in zimbabwe in recent years, this estate has managed to keep coffee quality high. in many ways, you expect a good zimbabwe bean to resemble a good kenya bean -- so it's going to be a bright, maybe even razor-gleaming bright, coffee with fruit, spice, and an pleasant, plush body.

got your scaa flavor wheel handy? great, let's go. . .

don sent this coffee to me 3 days old. the beans were covered all over with a very light sheen, which is what he calls "dark 2;" others might call it full city+.

i made it up this morning in the unbreakable cafetiére that don himself had given me. (thanks again, don!)

remember, brewing it in a press is going to mute the brightness and heighten the body. i should make this tomorrow in the chemex for comparison -- if i make it in the vac pot it may come out so bright my tongue bleeds!

let me say i found the fragrance of the dry grounds nicely floral. the main aromas seemed to me to be a sweet, candied hazelnut, vanilla caramel, and a little nutmeg or allspice in the aftertaste.

yummy! the coffee had the expected nippy taste, and a nice, light but lush body.

i don't like many really bright african coffees, but this zimbabwe was a lovely breakfast companion.

with a little light cream and brown sugar, the brightness was reduced and the caramel and spice flavors sang out. highly recommended!

also, news from terry p. at doma: long-time bccy pal kenny nye at 9th st. is carrying some of his coffees. long-time readers know i'm a big doma fan, so my advice is obvious.

kenny will no doubt be brewing them on his pretty, shiny new synesso. . .why are you still here reading this? run over there now!

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