Monday, April 17, 2006

congrats to oren

long-time readers know i've just been a big fan of oren's incredible finchwa yrg. and i'm not alone -- this coffee won the 2006 roasters choice award at the recent scaa conference in charlotte.

yuppers, the best specialty roasters in north america all agreed that oren's finchwa was the stand-out of the year. a big bccy round of applause for oren!

and let me also take this moment to say how touched i have been by all the emails noting my absence from the conference. sorry, guys, just couldn't make it this year.

but i do hope to see you all in nyc at fancy food and the usual scaa-member reception!

and finally woo-hoo! thank you andrew b. of ecco for the care package -- containing the santa terezinha super-premium brazil from farmer paulo almeida. this certified organic coffee's from sul de minas, and is also bio-dynamic!

can't wait to try this one out in the chemex tomorrow.

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