Sunday, April 09, 2006

the delights of the chocolate-covered graham cracker

i have to confess that i just love a dark-chocolate coated graham cracker. this is one reason i love going to economy candy, as i did yesterday.

these objects are just fantastic with the right coffee, which in this case was oren's finchwa yrg brewed in the cafetiére. some places charge US$16 for a pound of these; at economy, they are just US$8.

and quite fresh, because the turnover is quick. 1/2 pound is about 8 crackers, meaning they're just US$0.50 each; whereas if you were to go buy them at say, the mermaid in my nabe, you'd pay US$1.25.

let me also thank those of you who wrote to console me about my inability to go to the scaa conference in charlotte. i do have a spark of comfort, however: we have to admit that show coffee is usually bad.

not because the nice people who man "master brewing" are neglectful, but simply because the practicalities of the show often mean the coffee has to sit around for a while. and as long-time readers know, old coffee, no matter how well treated, just can't be good coffee.

brewed espresso fades noticeably in just 2 or 3 minutes, and is definitely undrinkable in 5; drip coffee doesn't last longer than 30.

often at the show you work like a dog, getting up at 6am, going to bed at midnite, and then all you have is 45-min.-old coffee. so i'm happy to drink my fresh dancing goat, my fresh finchwa, and enjoy today's sunshine with a chocolate-covered graham cracker.

when i was in economy candy, they were playing alan sherman -- that's their sense of humor -- so in the fun spirit, i told 'em about matisyahu. i think that's right up their alley and will definitely attract the nabe hipsters. . .

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