Wednesday, April 05, 2006

a fantastic journey

wowsa! this is the most exciting email i've gotten in a long time: the invitation to a yogic journey. . .

our friends and fellow yoga students at the break-thru intellectual yoga magazine, namarupa, have put together the most fascinating itinerary through the astonishingly beautiful world heritage temples of tamil nadu. it's the dream journey of a lifetime, really.

even if you're not into yoga so much, it's an amazing tour from an artistic, architectural, world historical, and cultural point of view.

in other namarupa news, it's finally possible to buy the first issue on-line for just US$10. and if you've missed this, i urge all serious yoga students to immediately download it.

finally, if you practice iyengar yoga, ashtanga, or viniyoga -- or are just interested in the legacy of the great yoga master krishnamacharya -- download the incredible article that interviews the master's best-known students: bks iengar, p. jois, and tkv desikachar.

right here for free.

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