Wednesday, April 26, 2006

the gist

of the lost posts -- i must say they were among the most eloquent and heartfelt:

  • an amazing description of cupping the 2006 first harvest colombian c.o.e. coffees at juan valdez with scaa board member mary petitt. the coffees on the table: fincas el progresso, paramito, and la alianza;
  • a brilliant apercu concerning a planned comparison tasting of decafs from don schoenholt of gillies, methyl vs. co2. decafs are the future of afternoon consumption after all;
  • astonishing insights into brewing andrew b's ecco espresso in the french press;
  • an especially touching description of mary's cafe blend, the "macizo colombiano," a high-brightness coffee with a body so like a silk scarf you could slide it through a wedding ring;
  • various reflections on how missing my daily yoga practice to take care of my husband this week has made me ultra-emotional, and the uses of a steady practice for creating that all-important sense of calm that helps keep you from feeling overwhelmed;
  • a charmingly light-hearted discussion of sweet portuguese rolls;
  • and why i was thinking of chantal coady's chocolate bar with arabian spices, which is definitely one of my favorites, ever.

trust me gentle readers, these posts were moving enough to melt a heart of stone.

truly they were set to be classics for the wayback machine. and now. . .electrons. . .scattered through the ether like stardust. . .

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