Saturday, April 15, 2006


while today began with the most beautiful pearly fog over wall st. -- and the usual delicious batdorf dancing goat cappuccini -- the afternoon turned into full summer. hot! sunny! hot!

i danced off to yoga. lya teaches a fun vinyasa in the dharma mittra style, and i knew that class on this day would pretty much thaw me out after what felt like what one of the longest, most depressing winters on record.

which it did. i returned a good 2/3s back to my "normal" non-winter self.

what to do on such an unexpectedly hot day? dear readers, it was obvious: brew up a cafetiére of oren's amazing finchwa yrg, and drink it iced.

yes, i have to say a nice tall glass of iced finchwa paired with a dark chocolate graham cracker makes an excellent post-yoga snack.

long time readers know that every year i pointedly re-link to one of the most important bccy posts ever: don schoenholt's instructions for iced coffee. and this year, no exception. . .

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